Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Fast Tracked?
We're getting some positive feedback from reps of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Words like "fast track" and "expidited" are supposedly being used by the governor's office in instructions towards the agency concerning the Old Slave House.

I've heard similar recommendations from the local folks in the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (the old DCCA) agency towards the governor's office. Maybe there's some forward movement afoot.

The governor also announced his second of 10 regional economic development plans today. So far the two have been in northern Illinois. Eventually, he'll get down to Southern Illinois. Tourism will have to be one of the components, and quite frankly he can't talk about tourism if he doesn't talk about the Old Slave House.

Therefore, if you haven't called or written the governor's office, please do so. The main number to the Springfield office of the governor is 217-782-6830. The governor's mailing address is Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Illinois State Capitol Room 207, Springfield IL 62706-1150.

Third time's a charm?
Another late night truck made a visit to the Old Slave House again. It's believed to be the same yahoos chased off by the caretaker in the incident reported by the Associated Press. They were arrested doing the same thing the next night. They apparently bonded out, got arrested a second time, and bonded out again. (Note to the judge and state' s attorney — maybe a higher bond is in order).

George heard a noise sounding like the truck the other night and went out to investigate. He tripped his own security lights. They lit up the yard and scared away the late night visitors before he could get the license plate.

Despite the repeated presence of these would-be evil-doers, there is hope. (Keep reading)

Police Presence
The Illinois State Police are stepping up patrols in Gallatin County around the Old Slave House. Even the former owner George got stopped last night by a Trooper Watson while driving up the lane to the house. Watson didn't recognize George and the current caretaker of the house had to explain what he was doing driving up the lane late at night.

The patrols are a welcome development and probably nobody is more happy about it than George.