Underground Railroad ran both ways in Southern Illinois
    HARRISBURG (May 5, 1997) — In ante-bellum Southern Illinois the Underground Railroad ran both ways. Both ran contrary to the law of the land, but while one was a righteous crusade, the other was for criminal profit.

Black kidnappings in the southeastern Illinois
    Written for a seminar in Illinois History at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, this paper focuses on the "reverse" Underground Railroad that operated along the Wabash and Ohio Valleys of Southern Illinois.

Old Slave House once stop on Reverse U.G.R.R.
    JUNCTION (Jan. 6-8, 1997) — The key to proving whether blacks were held against their will on the third floor of the Old Slave House lies in discovering the character of the home's original owner, John Hart Crenshaw. That key has been found.

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