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Oakwood Bottoms
The Creation of the Shawnee National Forest 1930-1938
This was written by someone who worked at the Harrisburg supervisor's office and was kept in the files for years. An Elizabethtown man copied it from the files in the early 1980s. I found it stuffed away at Morris Library on the campus of Southern Illinois University. The history is reprinted in four parts.

Shawnee National Forest Homepage
This is the official homepage of the Shawnee National Forest.

Illinois' Official Invitation to the Forest Service - 1931
This is the enabling legislation passed by the Illinois General Assembly in June 1931, inviting the U.S. Forest Service to expand and create new forests in Illinois

Current newspaper accounts
These are recent stories from the pages of the Daily Register in Harrisburg. The Daily Egyptian at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale also covers forest issues

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