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Local Authors
  • Gary DeNeal
    Gary is the publisher of Springhouse magazine and biography of '20s gangster Charlie Birger in his book A Knight of Another Sort. He's also one of the "Crenshaw Rascals" who has been uncovering what really happened at the Old Slave House.
  • John J. Dunphy
    The Sage of the Metro-East has a new booklet out on the Illinois men of the Lewis and Clark edition. His website also serves as the homepage for his bookstore, the second oldest used bookstore in the St. Louis MetroEast area. He has also been a frequent contributor to Springhouse and the old Illinois magazines.
  • Taylor Pensoneau
    A former writer for the old St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Pensoneau's best work is on the Shelton Gang, in his Brothers Notorious. Previously, he's written about former Governers Richard Ogilve and Dan Walker.
  • Harry Spiller
    This Viet Nam veteran and former Williamson County sheriff has written a number of books about both war and crime. His website is

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