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Ghost Stories
  • The Big Muddy Monster
    The Daily Egyptian recently took another look at this legendary beast haunting the Murphysboro area.
  • Lakey's Ghost or the Headless Horseman of Hamilton County
    The late Hamilton County historian Ralph Harrelson took this serious look at the historical foundations of Lakey's Ghost, one of the best ghost stories in Southern Illinois. Even the background music on this page fits.
  • Jefferson County Ghost Stories
    Crying babies, a mysterious woman who asks questions, a headless horseman and weeping women can be seen and heard, if you listen closely. Those are some of the legends which have been told and retold for generations around the area.
  • Max Creek Vortex
    Located in the Shawnee National Forest in the northeastern portion of Johnson County there's something strange going on at Max Creek. Some say there's a vortex there. Others recall stories of hauntings at a nearby house.
  • Old Slave House
    Ghost hunter Troy Taylor tells of the ghost stories surrounding the Old Slave House near Equality. Here's another version of the tales as recorded in the Daily Egyptian.

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