The Bloody Vendetta of Southern Illinois
By Milo Erwin and Jon Musgrave

ISBN 0-9707984-6-6
2nd ed. 240 pages. 6" x 9"
Paperback. $14.95.

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The Bloody Vendetta of Southern Illinois covers the deadly family feuds and Ku Klux Klan activities during the decade following the Civil War focused in the counties of Franklin, Jackson and Williamson. Milo Erwin wrote the first major account of the Vendetta durings its immediate aftermath in 1876 as part of his History of Williamson County, Illinois. Now, Jon Musgrave takes Erwin's account and expands upon it with additional material from surrounding counties and further research into the characters who left such a mark on the region.

Family Names in the Index of the
Bloody Vendetta of Southern Illinois (2006)

Abshear, Absher, Abshier, Adams, Addison, Aiken, Aikin, Akers, Akin, Albright, Alexander, Allen, Allison, Ames, Anderson, Arms, Askew

Baker, Ballou, Bandy, Barham, Barnett, Barr, Batts, Baxter, Beard, Beasley, Bell, Bennett, Benson, Bentley, Berkley, Beveridge, Biers, Bishop, Black, Blake, Blomquist, Bogart, Bolen, Bolin, Boline, Bouscher, Bowles, Bowling, Bramlett, Brandon, Bransen, Brethers, Brewer, Briley, Brown, Brush, Bullard, Bulliner, Bullington, Bundy, Burbridge, Burgess, Burlison, Burnett, Burton, Bush

Cade, Cagle, Cagney, Calvert, Campbell, Canady, Canton, Cantrell, Cantrill, Cardwell, Carter, Cash, Cavens, Chapin, Chatham, Cheneworth, Chitty, Claraday, Clarady, Clark, Claunch, Clayton, Clemens, Clements, Clemison, Clifford, Coke, Colp, Conner, Cook, Corder, Council, Cover, Cox, Craig, Crain, Crandall, Crawford, Crenshaw, Crilley, Crisp, Crouch, Crow, Crozier, Culp, Curlee, Curtis

Dagley, Davis, Dearing, Delaney, DeNeal, Dennison, Dickson, Dillon, Ditmore, Dobson, Doolin, Dowell, Drummons, Duckworth, Duff, Dunaway, Duncan, Dunn, Dyal

Eason, Edrington, Edwards, Eller, Ellett, Ellis, Emerson, Ensminger, Erwin, Eskew, Esry, Eubanks

Fain, Farmer, Ferguson, Ferrell, Fifer, Finney, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzgerrell, Fitzgibbon, Flannigan, Fleming, Fletcher, Forrest, Foster, Fowler, Fozzard, Freiens, Friedline, Frohock, Fuller

Gamble, Garrison, Gee, Gibbs, Ginn, Glide, Goddard, Goings, Goodall, Gossett, Gower, Gray, Greathouse, Grider, Griffee, Griffin, Grimes

Hall, Halstead, Hampton, Hannah, Harpe, Harrell, Harrison, Hartwell, Hayes, Hedges, Henderson, Hendrickson, Henry, Henson, Herd, Herrin, Herring, Hick, Hickman, Hicks, Higgins, Hightower, Hill, Hilliard, Hinchcliff, Hindman, Hoblit, Hodges, Hogan, Holland, Horrell, Hostetter, Houston, Howard, Howell, Hubbard, Hubbs, Hudgens, Hundley, Hunter

Impsen, Impson, Ireland

Jack, Jacobs, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Joplin, Jordan, Jourdan

Kahn, Keaster, Keeland, Keeling, Kelley, Kelly, Kennedy, Kimmel, King, Kinsall, Kirkham,

Land, Landrum, Lannlus, Latta, Lawler, Ledbetter, Lee, Lemma, Lewis, Lincoln, Linegar, Lipsy, Love, Lowe

Mabry, Mackado, Maddox, Mandrel, Manier, Mann, Mark, Markum, Martin, Mason, McBride, McCarty, McClernand, McComb, McCowan, McDonald, McElhase, McFall, McGinnis, McHaney, McIntosh, McKee, McLean, McMahan, McNeill, McReynolds, Meece, Merideth, Miles, Miller, Mitchell, Moake, Mock, Moore, Morgan, Mosley, Moss, Moulton, Mulkey, Murphy, Murray, Musgrave, Musick, Myers

Nance, Neal, Nelson, Newman, Newton, Nichols, Nolan, Norman, Norris

O'Hara, O'Malley, O'Neal, Oberly, Odum, Ogden, Oglesby, Owen, Owl, Ozburn

Palmer, Parker, Parks, Parsons, Payne, Peebels, Penny, Perry, Peterson, Phelps, Plasters, Plater, Pleasant, Poindexter, Porter, Poteete, Pratt, Prickett, Proctor, Pugh, Pully, Purdy

Raglin, Ragsdale, Raines, Rains, Ramsey, Randolph, Ray, Reed, Renfro, Reynolds, Rice, Rich, Riddle, Ripley, Robertson, Robinson, Rod, Rogers, Rolan, Rollan, Rollin, Romage, Roosevelt, Ross, Rumage, Rummage, Russell, Ryder,

Samuels, Sanders, Sansom, Saulsberry, Scates, Scoby, Shanklin, Shankton, Shields, Simmons, Simpkins, Sims, Singleton, Sisney, Smith, Smothers, Snider, Sommer, Sommers, Spain, Spaulding, Spence, Spencer, Springhardt, Stacey, Stagrur, Stancil, Stanhouse, Stanley, Stansell, Stewart, Stilley, Stilly, Stocks, Stoker, Stover, Streetz, Stripling, Summers, Swafford, Swain, Sweeney, Sweet, Sykes,

Tate, Thedford, Thomas, Thomson, Tilghman, Tiner, Tippy, Todd, Tolbert, Towle, Townsend, Trammell, Trovillion, Tunster, Turnage, Turner, Tyler, Tyner

Van Dorston, Vancil, Vaughn, Veach, Vickers,

Waggoner, Walker, Wallace, Walters, Ward, Warders, Wascher, Washburn, Washum, Weaver, Wells, West, White, Wicks, Wilburn, Wilcot, Wilde, Wilhite, Willeford, Williams, Wilson, Wise,

Young, Youngblood

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