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of the Orpheum Theater in Marion.
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  • Culture and Characteristics
    Southern Illinois has a rich and varied culture, not to mention a few quirky characteristics as well. Use this page to find out about a few of them.
  • Events and Eras
    From the mound builders of the Mississippian culture to the Indians who interacted with the pioneers and gave their name to this state, this page focuses on the Native American heritage of the region.
  • People
    Who did what to whom, why and where. The links on this page help provide the answers from the villians to the heroes with a number of everyday ordinary people in between.
  • Places
    To understand the people of Southern Illinois you have to know the geography and the history of the places shaped this region.
  • Genealogy
    The Illinois GenWeb has web sites with genealogical resources for every county in the state. If you are looking for your ancestors, here's a place to start. There is also links to other local sites of genealogical interest.
  • Mailing Lists
    One of the best ways to find other people researching history or genealogy in the area is to sign up for the various targeted mailing lists in the area.
  • Awards
    The Southern Illinois History Page received the Illinois GenWeb's first Illinois Genealogy Award of Excellence in January 1998.

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